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Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting Disk Space Bandwidth Cost Be Online Now
2/20 Monthly $10 2000 MB 20000 MB $10 p/m
2/20 Yearly $100 2000 MB 20000 MB $100 p/y
5/50 Monthly $20 5000 MB 50000 MB $20 p/m
5/50 Yearly $200 5000 MB 50000 MB $200 p/y
20/200 Monthly $40 20000 MB 200000 MB $40 p/m
20/200 Yearly $400 20000 MB 200000 MB $400 p/y

Over the Limit and Upgrades

We will overlook going over the limit up to 1 GB Diskspace or 10 GB Bandwidth but if this happens 2 consecutive months or 3 times in a 6 month period you will be asked to Upgrade your account by at least $10 per month

Dedicated IP Addresses add $5. per month and will incur a $25 installation fee. You must have a SSL Certificate.
We can send link for a 90 Free Trial after which you will pay as low as $65. a year.


The difference between our Basic Hosting and Cloud Hosting is even though our Basic Hosting has 99.99% Uptime there are times when a Server Upgrade must be done causing a brief period of Downtime but with Cloud Hosting during these brief periods of Downtime you site is still Up on a redundant server. This prevents losing a customer.

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